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Welcome to our Roppongi Japanese Language School.

At RJS we have many levels of classes, so you can choose the class suitable for your goals, such as general conversation, pronunciation, Kanji character, JLPT and business Japanese(Keigo)etc.

RJS office


You can choose a lesson from Private (1 on 1) or Group (max 3) lessons. Online lessons are also available.

Lesson hours / length

Monday to Sunday, 7 am to 11 pm (Japan time)

50 min. / 1 lesson

80 min. / 1 lesson

Affordable price

No enrollment fee.

And now 1st anniversary promotion, lessons are low-priced.
(2021. April 1 ~ 2021. June 30)

e.g. Private (1 on 1) lesson 50 min. ¥2,800 (by 20 tickets)

e.g. Online (1 on 1) lesson 50 min. ¥1,800 (by 20 tickets)

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Feel free to apply free trial lesson (40 min.) by the contact form.

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All of teachers at RJS have abundant experience as a Japanese teacher


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